Meeting in China Canceled due to Corona Virus

February 9, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

Meeting for International Workshops and Project Steering Cancelled

Our long awaited in-person-meeting in Shenzhen, China came to an abrupt end before it even started. Due to the physical distance between the research groups the scheduled real-world-meeting was long awaited by all participants of the ViSciPub-project. Unfortunatelly all the planning and preparations for workshops, steering meetings, brainstorming and socializing had to be blown off as the development of the Corona crisis seems to be getting more and more serious.

As it would not be in the interest of science - nor in that of the staff members' health - to get locked up in a possible quarantine, we unanimously decided to canceld the meeting scheduled for March 2nd to 6th. Despite the fact that we would very much enjoy the opportunity of a personal exchange over the extended period of several days, we chose to postpone the meeting until the situation with the virus outbreak in China is under control.